is located on the lively Theatinerstraße. Here lies the exlusive stage,

presenting the unique creations made in our studio. The lovingly

designed shop, the custom tailored consultation and individual

service make this shop into an attraction for

all who seek something special.



In 1956, his desire to travel the world led Erwin Leinfelder, the company founder of Leinfelder Fine Jewellery, to Finland. In Helsinki, he discovered his love for Scandinavian jewellery design.

In 1963, he opened the shop “Kaunis Koru” in Munich, which translates to “beautiful jewellery”. In the following years, Leinfelder became an insider tip for bespoke jewellery. The initials of the company founder, E and L, are still the basis of the company logo today. Overlaid and mirrored, they are readable from both sides, as it was customary with old signet seals. Erwin Leinfelder came up with this simple symbol as a ten-year-old. At the time, it served to mark his self-carved arrows and today the logo evokes the link between sign and art. This logo is inscribed into all pieces of jewellery that are manufactured in the Leinfelder workshops.

In 1998, Erwin Leinfelder’s daughter Stephanie Leinfelder, together with her husband Titus Wolf and Martin Mandl, took over the business of Leinfelder Goldsmiths.


What connected these three goldsmiths from the very start, was the desire to create jewellery of extraordinary beauty and quality, to master challenges together, and to be able to turn their ideas into reality. Its community spirit, preserved over the years, is probably Leinfelder’s greatest treasure.

Since 1999, the workshop can be found in a passage of Pacellistreet, an oasis in Munich’s city centre. In this Mediterranean atmosphere, the Leinfelder goldsmiths create carefully hand-crafted pieces of jewellery.




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